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Monthly Archive for January, 2009

當木工需要作大片櫥櫃門片時,常以條狀木板刨平兩邊,以餅乾機開榫用檸檬片(Biscuit)拼合成大片板,但每片條板的邊都要平直,拼合時才不會有縫.ㄧ般會用上萬元台幣的壓刨機修邊先.在此介紹較經濟簡單的作法修邊. 請點取這裡閱讀全文, 下載並列印. When joining a piece of wood plate together, we usually trim several smaller plates to make flush sides then use biscuit joiner to join them. This article teaches u how to make a flush trim in a more econmic yet effective way whitout using an expensive benchtop planer. Click HERE to read more, download and print.

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