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google 3d warehouse sketchup tips dimensions

本站中不少文章在提及可下載Google 3D Warehouse 中的3D模型圖回去自行製作成品時, 雖曾提及請網友自行量取模型中的尺寸, 但因為未解釋相關步驟, 常引起網友提問. 本文就如何量取尺寸教您兩個小技巧, 讓您也能順手的使用Google Sketchup. 請點這裡下載回去慢慢閱讀.

In some of our articles we mentioned that you can take measurement from the downloaded 3D models, but we never described how to really do it, and thus it has become a FAQ from our readers since. In this article we will give you two tips on taking measurement in Google Sketchup Model, so that u can use this great software with ease. Please click HERE to read on.

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