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Repair RC Toy Gyro Chopper Helicopter Break wing

市面上很流行的小遙控模型直升機, 因為耐摔又便宜, 是很多人的新寵. 但它最脆弱的部分 – 螺旋槳, 最容易斷在軸心處. 好在修理也很容易, 只要讀了本文, 就難不倒你了. 有這台的小孩, 看了本文, 還可以順便增加一點科學常識, 從小養成自己動手的習慣. 請點取這裡下載回去慢慢研究.

These toy RC choppers are very durable and steady and had become people’s new favorite since they hit the market. But it’s easy to break a wing if you are not careful. The good news is it’s equally easy to repair it if you read this article. If your kids have one of these choppers and got its wing broken, we recommend you let them repair it by themselves. Please click HERE to download this article.

5 Responses to “修理Gyro型遙控直升機 – Repair RC Toy Gyro Chopper”

  1. Jaco says:


  2. 阿茂 says:

    請問一個題外話,您文中那盒精密電鑽頭組哪裡買的? 我一直想找者種都找不到,特別是1~2mm範圍的.

    • 木老老 says:

      我在露天買的,他現在沒賣了. 100多支一組這種從最細到最粗都有. 您要多找一下.

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