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版權所有, 分享流通, 自由轉用, 不必來問

大家不需要個別email 來要圖紙, 或要求轉載. 文件不但本來就自由下載轉載, 現在更開放自行下載3D圖紙, 下載回去, 安裝免費的Google Sketchup就可以了, 用裡面的"量尺"工具量出各部件尺寸, 及組裝相關位置來用. 也可以自由修改成適合您自己使用的圖, 自由運用轉用. 所有DIYCOMM原創的文件與圖檔: 版權所有, 分享流通, 自由轉用, 不必來問. 希望大家DIY 愉快!

All articles and files originated by DIYCOMM are copyrights reserved, however you can freely download, modify, happily share them with your friends at will, no need to ask for permission in advance. Happy DIYing!

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  1. I’m just googled around, and found your site. I’m interested. I would like to read more about it.? Thanks!

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