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站在保護您也保護我們的立場上, DIYCOMM不能免俗的要做如下的工安聲明:

DIYCOMM嚴格禁止您在沒有安全意識及穿戴防護具的前提下, 自行在家模仿演練DIYCOMM的文章內容. 所有DIYCOMM文章及言論, 僅供您個人休閒興趣參考之用, 您若將其應用於私人或職業場合, 造成任何肉體,精神及財產損失, 責任歸屬您自己, 與DIYCOMM完全無關.

當您懷疑, 就不要動手 ; 當您不確定, 就不要動手 ; 當您有任何安全顧慮, 就立即停止, 不要動手!

DIYCOMM as a hobby weblog teaching people how to DIY, we are no exception to declare the following safety statement, in order to protect both you and us:

DIYCOMM strictly forbid you to practice the articles and instructions in DIYCOMM without full prior safety conscience and wearing proper protection gears. All the articles and instructions in DIYCOMM are solely for your own references and recreational purposes. If you apply what you’ve seen or read in DIYCOMM for any private or professional use, DIYCOMM will not be responsible for any physical, psychological or property loss and damage caused. That means YOU are the only one who will be totally responsible.

When in doubt, don’t do it. When unsure, don’t do it. When you have any safety concern, STOP! Don’t do it!

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