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吊扇葉片不是與馬達一體成形的, 安裝一定會晃, 晃大晃小而已. 搖晃讓人害怕, 找人調修又傷荷包. 網路上的教學大多教一半, 秘訣保留起來. 本文教您如何自行靜態動態調扇葉, 扇葉搖晃永遠不再煩惱. 請點取這裡下載閱讀本文. Ceiling fan blades and motors are always shipped in separate pack. When you want to install it yourself, the fan will wobble no matter what. The wobble often scares people, and it takes a big bite to your wallet to have someone fix it for you. Youtube […]

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