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亞洲地區的DIY木工愛好者,常會因為居住施工環境狹小的原因,忽略粉塵對肺的致命性傷害。您原先目的是享受樂活人生,動手玩玩興趣木工,如果因塵肺症而致病,是非常不智的。特別提醒您城市裡的木工朋友,除了集塵還要戴口罩。以下是應Evan網友提問,分享各位我的DIY立山圓鋸台集塵裝置。 Asian woodworking DIYers would often overlook the harm that wood dusts would do to their lungs. It's also very unwise for you to start woodworking for a leisure purpose and end up with pneumoconiosis. For city woodworking fans, I strongly suggest you wear a dust mask beside using a dust collector. The following are […]

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