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  這類的多功能事務機發生的進紙問題, 一般都針對一次吃多紙或吃不進紙來修, 市面上很多現成修包可購買. 本文則針對進紙時序不正常, 第二張紙卡在一半報沒紙, 印完常多跑出一張空白紙, 進紙盤喀喀喀叫的問題, 進行討論. 請點取這裡下載回去閱讀. 提醒您: 自行維修會喪失原廠保固, 請三思. There are many paper feeding problems on these kinds of MFPs after a long time of use, the most commonly seen are multiple papers feeds in one time or no paper pickup, which can be easily googled up, and you can even buy repair […]

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