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Tag Archive '遙控模型陀螺儀直升機修理'

市面上很流行的小遙控模型直升機, 因為耐摔又便宜, 是很多人的新寵. 但它最脆弱的部分 – 螺旋槳, 最容易斷在軸心處. 好在修理也很容易, 只要讀了本文, 就難不倒你了. 有這台的小孩, 看了本文, 還可以順便增加一點科學常識, 從小養成自己動手的習慣. 請點取這裡下載回去慢慢研究. These toy RC choppers are very durable and steady and had become people’s new favorite since they hit the market. But it’s easy to break a wing if you are not careful. The good news is it’s equally easy to […]

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