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謝謝網友benjamine 的提供圖片及設計,他成功的用桌鋸對剖開方鋁管,給沒有金屬帶鋸的朋友打通了障礙. 原照片與圖片附於桌上型圓鋸台改造-桌面升級第二代原文附錄中.歡迎大家點這裡重新下載即可看到大圖. 再次提醒您, 工作時一定要穿戴護具, 鋸屑很刺也很燙, 這也是Benjamine 親身體會的分享. Thanks for the courtesy of benjamine, for providing the pictures and design ideas on how he worked out a way to split the rectangular aluminium tube, by just using a Rexon circular table saw and a jig. The pictures are pretty self-explanatory. Please click HERE to download […]

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