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** Download Real Size Sketchup 3D Model 下載真實尺寸3D模型 ** 如果您的進門的玄關空間不大,那麼為了最有效利用空間,恐怕還是要一個自製鞋櫃. 此圖為一個松木鞋櫃, 有百葉門增進通風以免臭味累積,此處的百葉窗製做有些特別的技巧教您,可以避開買昂貴的治具,現成百葉孔框,或一些國外的繁複做法,讓您輕鬆方便做出任何大小,任何型狀的百葉結構,不再受限.另外還有一些其他技巧,請點這裡下載回去慢慢閱讀. If you have a limited spaced doorway, a just-fit shoe cabinet would be ideal. Unfortunately that usually require some DIY job to make it happen. In this project we not only teach you how to build a shoe cabinet,but one with ventilating louver […]

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